Hello? This is Bette Porter
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  • What’s a girl have to do to get someone interested in her? 



    Raising a brow to her slightly, before nodding. “Didn’t think I was being loud…sorry..”


    [Bette blinks and nods] I’ll call you back something came up, yes, yes you can use the main gallery for two days, no not three, two, 48 hours and not an hour more. [she closes her phone and turns to the girl]

    You’re new here aren’t you? Or I haven’t been in the the Planet for so long, I don’t know the regulars.

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      shane—mccutcheon: Yes, you will.
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      I’m flattered. I’ll see you there.
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      Oh, I didn’t mean it that way, I appreciate any kind of dances, there are so much- as long as the dancer of course shows...
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      Molly smiled as the girl spoke, her voice was a sweet whisper. Something about her intridgued Molly. “well they do make...
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